What Is PYL?



    • [pɨlʲ]: noun, from Russian


    , “dust”

PYL is an independent media outlet exploring what’s gonna be next. Stories, analytics, research.

    Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for nearly half a year by the time this media is launched. Some parts of Ukraine endure continued shelling, while others see civilians coming back to their demolished homes.

It is difficult to ponder the reconstruction of cities while they are being bombed, but it is worth reflecting on the experience of other current and past military conflicts.

    We want to explore who and how has been rebuilding cities, what role their inhabitants have played in this process, and how the aggressors paid for the inflicted damage.

We are not the first to speak about the post-war future of Ukrainian cities.

    We would like to document, analyze, and critique what the heads of state, the occupying forces, architects, and experts have to say about the reconstruction of the affected areas. And most importantly, we would like to spotlight the bottom-up initiatives revitalizing the cities and restoring urban life.

This war took the homes of millions and its consequences have spread far and wide.

    The economic and social repercussions irrevocably altered the lives of entire populations. While refugees and migrants resettle in new locations, residents of some countries are losing access to fuel because of the price surges, and people elsewhere risk facing food shortages because the war disrupted supply chains. We aim to explore how the world is changing as a result of the war.

It’s impossible to assess how much time is needed for people who survived shelling and lost their loved ones to get back to normal.

    We will be sharing the stories of those affected by the war and those who are helping them and sympathizing with them.



How to contact us

We would like PYL to be a platform where people, institutions, and organisations working with the reconstruction agenda can connect. If you feel like your NGO or activist project could use a hand, get in touch with us — we would like to think together. Here is a form for you to make an introduction.

If you want to become our contributing author, fill out this form, and you will be contacted by our editors about further steps.

Do you know a story that we need to cover or just want to talk to our editors? Email us at team@pyl.media.