What Is PYL?


    • [pɨlʲ]: noun, from Russian


    , “dust”

PYL is an independent media outlet about rebuilding life after military conflicts.


We decided to launch PYL when Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. We are a team of journalists who have been writing about cities and how they work for almost 10 years. Now, we continue to do so from new to us places.


Our mission is to accelerate the process of recovery for those who have suffered from Russia’s war in Ukraine or from the conflicts in other areas subject to Russian imperialism. The focus of our attention is Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan.


We study the historical experience of post-war reconstruction and recovery, and spotlight the practices of creating safe environments. We also explore how the authorities, who have been waging criminal wars for years, can be finally brought to justice.


We are inspired by people who are trying to deal with the consequences of Russian aggression. We talk about grassroots initiatives, activists and non-profit organizations that are involved in this process: collecting humanitarian aid, organizing shelters, restoring infrastructure, helping refugees adapt to new countries and providing them with psychological support.


If you like what we do, we would love your support. You can send us a donation using this link.


How to contact us

We would like PYL to be a platform where people, institutions, and organisations working with the reconstruction agenda can connect. If you feel like your NGO or activist project could use a hand, get in touch with us — we would like to think together. Here is a form for you to make an introduction.

If you want to become our contributing author, fill out this form, and you will be contacted by our editors about further steps.

Do you know a story that we need to cover or just want to talk to our editors? Email us at team@pyl.media.